Quality Woods for Making Matchsticks

A matchstick is made up of a small piece of wood. Straight grained wood like pine wood, Aspen, Basswood, white pine these are suitable for making the matchsticks, and now bamboo woods are also used but it does not have enough wax but dipping the sticks into wax and used for the matchstick manufacturing process.

In older days matchsticks heads are usually in red and black colors are available, but now a variety of matchsticks are found in the market to attract the customers and increase the production. Dry climate is more suitable for matchstick production

Strike anywhere match heads contain white phosphorous, potassium chlorate, which is an oxidizing agent. The heads of these matches contain only sulfur, a small amount of the red phosphorous, potassium chlorate, fillers and glass powder.

The usual length of match stick is 36 to 48 mm, and the number of matches contains in the matchboxes are 50 to 600 matches.

Geewin Matches are foremost matchbox factory in India. We are exporting and Wholesaling safety matches all over the world and manufacture various matches such as kitchen matches, Long stick matches, veneer matches, wax matches, cardboard matches, etc.


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